ForeverYoung is a relaxing experience for all. But who are the faces behind that experience? A small team of three ForeverYoung is a close trio of women and here is a little bit about them

Katie is the founder and empress of ForeverYoung, Katie, is a qualified masseuse with over five years’ experience in top-to-toe Swedish body massage as well as Indian head and pregnancy massage. She holds a level 4 Diploma in Sports Therapy, with extensive experience in Sports Massage and Lymphatic Drainage Massage. Whether it’s relief from the back-breaking pains of pregnancy, sport’s wear and tear, or self-care from the stresses and strains of life, Katie is your woman. She is partially sighted, with only 5% vision – but don’t let that fool you. Katie is an adventurous, thrill-seeking, climberwho loves long walks with her dog and being wined and dined by boyfriend, Mark. 

Lauren, queen of social media, Lauren, has been with ForeverYoung for two years. She uses her natural creativity to create exciting and innovative ads and loves connecting with clients and working alongside Katie who inspires Lauren to achieve her dreams. When she isn’t stressing over spreadsheets, Lauren is zipping around after her crazy four-year-old daughter Frankie and taxi-driving teenage daughter, Holly.  Lauren also manages a mini home zoo of cats, rabbits, and tortoises. She is a self-proclaimed shopaholic and loves nothing more than curling up on the sofa watching Soaps. 

Susie the newest Personal Assistant, joined the ForeverYoung team in July after spending three years as a stay-at-home mum. As a child, Susie set her sights on working as a paramedic and then a dog groomer, with her adult career taking a similar winding road. Susie has worked in Safeguarding to Human Rights, but is now blissfully happy at ForeverYoung where she enjoys meeting Katie’s clients and being part of the team . Susie loves scenic walks with her son, bopping to nineties pop – which forever bursts Katie’s eardrums – and holidaying in Greece. She has recently taken up playing tennis and watercolour painting, though admits to being terrible at both.

So this is our crazy team, we are all dedicated to our clients and hope this comes across when you visit us. We hope to see you very soon!