Swedish massage in Stockport

Swedish massage in Stockport

Swedish massage is one of the most popular bodywork techniques in the western world. This classic massage is suitable for the entire body, with firm pressure applied where muscle coverage is thicker and lighter strokes performed on more delicate areas.

What is Swedish massage?

Swedish massage – also known as classic massage – is a general purpose massage technique that originated in Sweden. Now known worldwide, Swedish massage can be delivered in different styles – gentle to promote relaxation or firm to relieve stiffness and knots.

A series of five strokes make up the Swedish massage technique:

Effleurage – long, relaxing strokes

Petrissage – kneading, rolling and squeezing

Tapotement – tapping motions like cupping, slapping and chopping

Friction – hands are rubbed together to create heat and placed on the skin

Vibration/shaking – muscles are loosened up through shaking motions

Swedish massage is performed in the above order, starting with long, gliding strokes of both light and firm pressure to release tension and break up knots. Muscles are then kneaded for a deeper massage in preparation for the next step: tapotement.

I use rhythmic tapping with my hands cupped to loosen and relax muscles, followed by friction – warming my hands and placing them on the body to create relaxing warmth. At the end of the massage I use shaking motions to energise your muscles and reawaken body and mind.

What are the benefits of Swedish massage?

Swedish massage is associated with the following potential benefits:

  • Relaxes the entire body
  • Boosts circulation
  • Helps alleviate mental stress
  • Provides relief from pain
  • Promotes lymphatic drainage

Whether you need to relax and unwind or release tight knots, visit me for a Swedish massage in Stockport. I’m highly qualified in classic massage and can vary the pressure I apply to suit your comfort level.

Do you know someone who deserves a bit of me-time? Pick up a gift voucher and treat that special someone to a Swedish massage in Stockport. Vouchers can be collected from me directly or posted out to you recorded delivery.

Swedish massage pricing

I offer Swedish massage in Stockport at the following prices:

Full body (approx. 60 minutes) – £40

Back, neck and shoulders (approx. 60 minutes) – £35