Let’s ditch the stretchy slacks, stick on the lycra and embark on the NEW YOU! Yep, it’s time for the ever-optimistic New year’s Resolutions! There’s something fresh, exciting and invigorating about making a resolution on January 1st. But did you know that only a quarter of Brits actually stick to them?That means that a whopping 75% fail miserably! If that statistic isn’t enough to send you straight to the fridge for left-over Christmas Pudding, then I don’t know what is. 

So how do we make sure that we aren’t setting ourselves up for failure? They key is in the planning. Below, we have compiled a How to Succeed, list to make sure you triumph this year. 

1, Be Realistic! 

Whether it’s losing weight, being more active, or saving cash, make sure you set a realistic target. One of the main reasons for failure is due to unrealistic expectations. For example, if you’ve never stepped foot on a treadmill before, a target of running ten miles a day might be best saved for Forest Gump! Aim to go to the gym three times per week or make your resolution to increase your gym time by 10% each month. It’s easy to get over-hyped at the start of the year, but remember life is busy, work will soon resume, and your enthusiasm will likely slump. By setting a realistic target now, you are much more likely to see it through.  

2, Set Targets

If your resolution is to achieve something specific by the end of 2022, make sure you set manageable monthly targets. Whether it’s saving £10,000 or £100, work out a monthly manageable target. If you’ve decided to read more, set a weekly target of books/articles to read then create a check list, stick it on the fridge, or set a reminder on your phone. You’re much more likely to succeed if you break the resolution down into manageable amounts. 

3, Be Accountable 

A New Year’s Resolution shared isn’t so much halved, but it does mean you’ll have somebody to kick you up the backside if needed. Why not write down your resolution(s) and have a trusted friend check-up on you every week/month? Even better if your friend also entrusts you with their resolution(s) too. Get together for a coffee (or a refreshing smoothie if your resolution is to give up caffeine) and chat about your progress. Not only will this keep you accountable, but it will also give you precious social time. As many resolutions are similar i.e., losing weight, being more active, starting a new hobby, it might even be a good idea to chat to your nearest and dearest to find out if they share the same goals. Encouraging one another in the same goals makes success even easier and much more fun! 

4, Do your research. 

Don’t just blindly make a resolution. Make sure you go in prepared to give yourself the maximum chance of success. For example, if your resolution is to lose weight (usually the number one amongst Brits) research diet/healthy eating plansbefore you begin. Work out what you need to buy/change on your weekly shop and the cost. Whatever the resolution, spend an hour doing as much research as you can to make sure you have the ingredients to achieve. 

5, Make it fun! 

Finally, don’t be too serious! Make your New Year’s resolution as fun as possible and you’ll not only achieve it but enjoy yourself in the process. For example, chat to friends and see if they fancy joining you in your resolution pursuit. Why not set up a group chat? If your resolution is to work on your mental health, why not book monthly positive activities now like a relaxing massage or a trip to a health spa? There are so many fabulous deals out there in January, so don’t delay! How good would it feel to have a ‘feel-good’ event each month to look forward to? Whatever your resolution, enjoy it. After all, that’s what life is really all about. 

Good Luck- and do let us know what your resolutions are! We wish you a Happy, healthy prosperous New Year!