Massage Services in Stockport

Forever Young Massage Stockport offers a range of massage and sports therapy services to soothe away stress and tension. Take a look at what I offer below and click through for more information about each service. Not sure what kind of massage you need? Give us a call or message and one of the ForeverYoung Team will be happy to help.

Swedish Massage Full Body £40 Swedish Back, Neck and Shoulders £35 (both approx 60 mins)

Looking for a Swedish massage in Stockport? This classic treatment relaxes the entire body, using soft stokes on delicate areas and firmer pressure to massage muscle.

Pregnancy Massage £35/£40 depending on treatment (approx 60 mins)

The perfect treat for an expectant mum, a maternity massage can help soothe away the aches and stresses associated with pregnancy, promoting relaxation. 

Sports Massage £40 (approx 60 mins)

If you like to keep fit and active, sports massage can help alleviate tension and strain after a workout at the gym. It can also promote recovery after a sports injury.

Oncology Massage £35/£40 depending on treatment (approx 60 mins)

Massage for cancer patients is adapted to take account of the complications of cancer or treatment, which may include medical devices, fragile tissue or post-operative sites.

Indian Head Massage £35 (approx 60 mins)

Indian Head Massage, as the name indicated, originated from India but is now very popular amongst Western cultures. Massage has always been an important part of Indian life.

Please note: From time to time I receive unsolicited requests for unprofessional services that I do not offer. Such requests will be reported and ignored. I use a security doorbell and always ensure that someone else is present in the property during treatments – this is to enhance the safety and security both of myself and my clients.