Massage has many benefits, whether it be relaxation or because of an injury you need one, there is a long list of plus points. Many people brush over massage thinking they can do without it and as soon as they have one they are converted. So why is this?

We as a nation are not very good at having “me time” we are very good at running around helping each other but when it comes to helping ourselves we skimp on the time we give ourselves to recharge our battery’s. The most obvious benefit of a massage is relaxation. A nice warm room with relaxing music, soothing essential oils and massage oils to boot what is not relaxing about a massage. The pressure being put on your skin results in a calming and slowing down of the nervous system. This also reduces our heart rate and blood pressure and study’s have shown that after only 20 minutes of massage the body starts reacting and relaxing, which is just fantastic as all our massages last 60 minutes at ForeverYoung meaning you get to relax and then some.

In current times in this crazy world more of us are suffering from anxiety. If anybody has suffered from this you will be well aware how horrible and restricting this can be. Massage can help relieve anxiety and reduce the symptoms. Massage can encourage our calming responses to appear and regular massage can actually help us to keep those calming responses to the surface from anywhere up to 18 months later.

Now who has trouble sleeping, hands up! I know I suffer from bad sleeping quite a bit. I toss and turn and I can’t get back to sleep sometimes with things going round in my mind. Now sleep is all related to how much activity there is going on in the nervous system. When we have a massage the massage slows the nervous system down helping us sleep more soundly. The massage reduces fatigue and regular massage does really help us sleep. Try it, it actually works. People swear by a couple of medicinal whiskeys but I can’t take the hangovers, a massage makes much more sense to me.

Now as I said before, people do not just come to ForeverYoung massage for relaxation. Some of the sounds that come out of that massage room you would wonder what exactly is going on in there. But do not fear our clients have come in specifically for a massage on an injury or particular problem area. The injury could have be sports related or through a knock or bump but either way we can help with any ailments you have. Massage encourages blood circulation and relaxes muscles and delivers more oxygen and nutrients to soft tissues and organs, this in turn helps the injury heal more quickly. Massage can help sprains, strains, broken bones and tears in muscles. It can help increase healing rate and decrease recovery time. So massage really is a dark horse and has many strings to it’s bow.

You could go anywhere for your massage that is true but here at ForeverYoung we think you should pay us a visit. Why? What makes us different from other places? Hmmmm let me tell you

Kt is a fully qualified massage therapist and she has been qualified for over 5 years now. She is always topping up her knowledge and broadening her skills. Her clients mean the absolute world to her. She likes to find out the reason you want or need your massage and she can adapt her technique to suit. If you are wanting a relax then she can gently massage you with the desired pressure that sends you off on a little snooze. If you are runner or dancer she can work on those legs like a ninja to get the effects that you want to achieve and with the correct amount of pressure that you can handle. Either way her massage technique is bespoke, you get your treatment time of around 60 minutes and she can concentrate on what you want her to. Meaning you get the perfect personalised massage.

The majority of our clients come back time after time and build up rapport with Kt, what happens in the massage room stays in the massage room and Kt is known to be a very good listener. She makes everybody feel comfortable and welcome and if you are wanting a chat during your massage that is fabulous. Because Kt is the only masseuse at ForeverYoung every client is known individually and it’s not simply one in one out you really matter to us, how you are feeling is paramount. 

Most people do know that Kt is visually impaired, she only has 5% sight but she doesn’t let this stop her. If anything being blind actually tunes Kt into her other senses more, her touch and the ability to find all your problem muscles is second to none, plus if you are a little bit anxious about your body being on display then Kt is your woman. 

So your experience at ForeverYoung massage is one not to be missed. If you don’t want to take my word for it then you can see lots of 5 star client reviews on our website, Facebook and Gossip girls. If we have had the pleasure of meeting you before then we will see you soon and if not then get booked in and come and check it out for yourself!